Friday, March 11, 2011

Oui, oui, monsieur

Wow, that was a wordy post yesterday.  Can you tell I'm starting to think about birth a lot?

Here's a shorter tidbit for you.  I saw this idea on pinterest, which is kind of a neat-o site, for felt mustaches that you can wear via an elastic around your head (available for sale here).  I thought my little guy might have fun, so I cut out some brown felt mustaches and showed them to little O. before I attached the elastics.  I'm glad I did before going to the work of sewing on the elastic, because he was definitely not interested in wearing any fake mustaches.  "No, mommy.  I already have my own mustache, mommy," he said, pointing to his upper lip.  He really seemed quite offended that I didn't notice his mustache!  I tried a few more times this week because his reaction is so cute (is that cruel?), and he's more adamant each time.


  1. tsk tsk tsk..... so cruel not to recognize that he already has a beautiful full mustache :)

  2. Did he tell you that it smells like strawberries?


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